Structure Science

Home is an essential part of everyone’s life as that’s where you start and end your day. It is the presence of energy in your home that steers your mind, body and spirit. A positive flow of energy in the house is important for a harmonious life. Every home has different segments and one of them is “Sambandh Sthana”. If any structure is built in such a way that this segment is missing or debilitated then it would disrupt the flow of energy in that place. This would cause a problem in relationships or develop hurdles in getting a good prospect for marriage.

An ideal structure is rectangular or square shaped as it allows for free flow of energy across the rooms bringing positive effects in all aspects of life. A house with three doors in a row leads to positive energy constantly entering and exiting the house. As good energy does not stay in the house, it can cause complications and unrest for the occupants. With the application of Structure Science, we can balance the flow of energy in the house and assure a positive influence on an individual’s relationships.

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