Energy Science

Energy is present everywhere and no one is immune to it. Even the place where you live has energy and it controls everything that happens in your life. There are good energies and bad energies present in every place. The varying levels of positive and negative energies present in your house determine the extent of their impact in your life. With the help of Energy Science, we can design a particular structure in such a way that the positive forces of energy nullify the negative forces of energy existing in a place. This assures a positive alliance for the boy/girl seeking a suitable matrimonial match.

When a person of marriageable age sleeps in a bed that touches the walls on adjacent sides, it will block and disturb the flow of energies. This will create negative thoughts in the mind of that person. Thus, it is important to have an abundance of positive flow of energy in the house. It will develop a positive outlook in that person towards the marriage prospect and negate any kind of preconceived fears in their mind.

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