Direction Science

Everything in the universe responds to the strong magnetic force of the Earth and all living beings including animals and birds are impelled by it. This magnetic force is the presence of celestial energies around us. As soon as we are born, we are connected to this universal energy and it drives everything from ‘what we say’ to ‘what we do’. In totality, we are linked with eight directions right from the moment of our birth. Out of these, there are four cardinal directions which act as a catalyst to connect the self with this celestial energy in the universe. The rest of the four directions are futile and do not serve any significant purpose. In fact, they can negatively impact an individual.

The principle of Direction Science can be applied in manifesting the right prospect for marriage in your life. When a girl seeking an alliance for marriage sits in her Marriage direction, it awakens her senses by tuning into the celestial energy of the universe. This effect makes her look more attractive and results in a positive matrimonial alliance for the girl. However, if any person unknowingly follows the other four directions then they are bound to experience problems related to marriage like not finding a suitable match, delayed marriage and other relationship problems. You can leverage your relationships with the help of four cardinal directions by connecting to the celestial energies. This way you can manifest positive experiences in your relationships.

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