Chakra Science

There is a ‘whirlpool of energy’ that moves inside the subtle human body which regulates our mood, behaviour and overall well-being. These energy centres are known as 'Chakras'. There are seven main chakras in the subtle bodies that have to be energized properly for the body to function properly. If any of these chakras get blocked or if there is an imbalance in the chakras then it can lead to various physical, mental and emotional problems.

One significant chakra is the “Heart Chakra” in a human body that is associated with love. If this chakra is unbalanced, closed or blocked, the individual may experience various physical and emotional discomfort. Chakra Science helps to heal the Heart Chakra by opening, clearing and balancing the chakras.

With the combined application of Direction, Structure, Energy and Chakra Science, we can create harmony in all the seven chakras by restoring the flow of energy. For a person of marriageable age, balancing the Heart Chakra will instill empathy, compassion and a caring attitude. This, in turn, can greatly help in changing any negative perception towards a potential partner.

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