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Anhata Chakra is one of the 7 main chakras lying in human body. Anahata Chakra is associated with the ability to make decisions and Love & passion. The institution of marriage has been given high importance and is invariably associated with mutual love between the spouses and the generation and education of children.

These days most of the people face delay in marriage and live as singles even after crossing a marriageable age due to numerous reasons like too much focus on Career, not finding the right one, financial problems, health issues etc. Some of them might have faced unlucky situations in life Divorce, or the death of the spouse. Sometimes these reasons could be demotivating and people feel depressed & disheartened.

Often we seek help of astrologers, sages, kundali matching and feel confident that everything seems great and marriage is just a matter of time, but nothing really happens, do you ever thought of what could be that force that is acting negatively for you?

Marriage problems and Vastu Dosh

Did you know that one of the important reasons for delay in marriage could be due to Vastu dosh at your home? . Every house has two segments called ‘Sambandh Sthan’, ‘Lakshmi Sthan’ and 'Aarogya Sthan'. Each of these places in a house are supposedly exist in certain directions. In case these places are not in these directions, it will impact the people living in that house negatively leading to Relationship Problems, Delay in Marriage, Financial and Health Problems. Sometimes these Financial and Health Problems also will lead to either delay in Marriage or problems in a Marriage.

Apart from these elements in a house, the directions that an individual follows also has impact on the person's relationships, wealth and health. In case the person follows right directions while sleeping and working, the person's chakra's are charged in positive way.

Impact of Anhata Chakra on Marriage

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